In January of 2006, the first preview version of Bridging Rails to Trails went live on the web. On the site, you can view stories at two of the seven rail-trail “stops”.

The American Tobacco Company stop reveals the history of one of Durham’s earliest tobacco factories and the current-day revitalization of the entire campus as slide show. Archival video footage explains the operations of the Bull Jack, the machine used to package smoking tobacco. Oral histories of tobacco workers will be coming soon.

Heading south about a mile down the trail is the Apex Street Bridge. A 7 minute video tells the story of the ongoing battle of over a bridge that connects two vastly different neighborhoods that are separated by the trail. The final fate of the bridge has yet to be determined.

These portions were produced for my final project for my Certificate in Documentary Studies at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. The remaining stories are currently on-hold as fund-raising efforts continue.

The documentary can be seen at (requires Flash). and is also distributed on CD-ROM.